The great grandfathers grandfather; a far ancestor; or forefather.

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Useful Web Sites

Family Tree DNA

Family tree DNA website provides access to DNA testing for genealogical purposes and also includes matching services for members. This is a great alternative method of finding connections with other people.

World Vital Records

Alternative site for accessing vital records.

My Heritage

Alternative site to sites like This company also owns world vital records.

Ancestry US Ancestry UK Ancestry AU

Good site for connecting with others researching your family tree.

Find My Past US Find My Past UK Find My Past AU

Good site for accessing records not available elsewhere.

Family Search

Good site for free access to many records from around the world held by the LDS.

Ireland Townlands Database

Searchable database of townland names in Ireland.

Public Records Office of Northern Ireland

Public records for Northern Ireland and some records for border counties such as Cavan.

National Archives of Ireland

Public records for the republic of Ireland.

Tithe Applotment Books

Searchable database of tithe applotment books 1823-1837.

Ireland Census 1901/1911

Searchable database of the Ireland 1901 and 1911 census records.

Ireland Calendars of Wills and Administration 1858-1922

Searchable database of indexes to the calendars of wills and administration documents.

Ireland Chief Secretaries Office Registered Papers

Searchable database of the chief secretaries office registered papers.

The R.J. Hunter Collection

Searchable database of Munster Rolls c. 1630 and various other resources relating to the plantation period.

Griffiths Valuations

Searchable database of Griffiths Valuations 1847-1864.


Searchable database of free birth, death, and marriage records for the UK. Many Irish moved to and from the UK mainland so you could find records of your ancestors here.

Bawnboy Records

Some genealogical records for the Bawnboy area in County Cavan. Many families originally from Fermanagh lived in this area so you might find records of your ancestors relatives here.

Ireland Old News

Transcriptions of old Irish newspapers. There is not much there for Fermanagh but don't forget to search the neighboring counties for records.

Irish Genealogy

Searchable databases of Irish church records. Currently only holds church records for Dublin, Carlow, Cork, and Kerry. However there are some records relating to Fermanagh and hopefully over time more church records will be made available online.

Roots Ireland

Searchable databases of records. A bit expensive.

Townlands in Google Maps

Google maps has many townlands recorded so you can search for your townlands in google maps. The spelling is not always as expected though so you might need to try variant spellings.

Ulster Historical Foundation

A variety of records, most of which are only accessible by paid members.

Civil Parish Maps

List of civil parishes in Ireland. The website also contains various other genealogical resources for counties including Fermanagh.

Library Ireland

Various genealogical resources for Ireland including Fermanagh.

Open Library

Online library of books that can be accessed online, including books about Fermanagh.

National Library of Ireland

Online photographs and references to other material relating to Ireland and Fermanagh.

Ordinance Survey Maps Online

Online ordinance survey maps of Ireland including overlays of current maps

Open Street Map

Street maps including Northern Ireland with townlands marked

Registry of Deeds Project Index

Index of registry of deeds of wills and land transactions for Ireland.

The Kabristan Archives

THE KABRISTAN ARCHIVES is an organisation dedicated to preserving memorial inscriptions from graveyards in Ireland, the Indian sub-continent, Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and Jamaica, including many which no longer exist.

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